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Pearls Before Swine

Balaklava (RSD 23)

Record Store Day 2023 - 2LP - £28.99 | Buy
Double LP expanded re-issue of Pearls Before Swine's follow up to ‘One Nation Underground’, plus a second disc of unreleased extras including de...
Pearls Before Swine

The Wizard of Is (2022 reissue)

2cd in gatefold wallet + booklet - £12.99 | Buy
Remastered and re-appraised 31-track collection of Pearls Before Swine rarities from the private tape collection of the late, great Tom Rapp.
Pearls Before Swine

The Exaltation of Tom Rapp (rsd 22)

Record Store Day 2022 - lp - £22.99
Featuring many unreleased recordings and rarities from the cult favourite and all endorsed by the Tom Rapp estate.
One Nation Underground (RSD 23)

Pearls Before Swine

One Nation Underground (RSD 23)

earth recordings
  • Record Store Day 2023 - 2LP

    Released: 22nd Apr 2023


Double LP expanded re-issue of Pearls Before Swine's classic debut, plus unreleased extras, including demos, rehearsals and alternative versions.

With faithfully recreated original sleeve and extensive notes, all created in collaboration with the Tom Rapp Estate. The psychedelic-folk debut from “one of the most erudite, literate minds in rock… a stunning piece of work, from the nightmarish sleeve art - the "Hell Panel" from Hieronymus Bosch's 15th century painting "Garden Of Delights" - to the strange yet powerful songs.” AllMusic. “From moody, poetic gems to the anger and intensity of the bitter anti-war anthem, ‘Uncle John’. Fiercely unique and individual sounding.” Goldmine. “A high of psychedelic delicacy and deceptive urgency, one of his masterpieces.” Rolling Stone.