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The Hum
  1. Tape Loop #7
  2. Pillow Village
  3. I Never Wanted Anything
  4. Squeaky Wheel
  5. The Yips
  6. Golden Hour
  7. The Hum
  8. Caterpillar
  9. Emptiness
  10. Closing Time

James Ellis Ford

The Hum

  • limited black lp + poster + download

    Released: 12th May 2023

  • cd

    Released: 12th May 2023


a bewitching debut solo album that's as much an homage to the tender and eccentric English pop music of Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt as it is a love letter to his wife and son’s Palestinian roots.

as much an exploration of the pastoral verve of Canterbury prog as it is informed by the dynamics of modern hip-hop production; as much a madcap Radiophonic voyage into the cosmic unknown peppered with Can-like grooves. With ‘The Hum’, James Ellis Ford has finally come out of hiding.