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yusuf/cat stevens

King of a Land

limited green lp + booklet - £28.99 | Buy
cd - £13.99 | Buy
The perfect meeting point between Stevens’ astounding 70s output and the bombastic, cinematic orchestration that has adorned more recent releases – ...
yusuf/cat stevens

Catch Bull at Four (2022 reissue)

limited 180g lp - 1 per customer - £27.99 | Buy
cd - £15.99 | Buy
a newly remastered version of cat stevens' celebrated fourth lp from 1972.
yusuf/cat stevens

Teaser & The Firecat (50th anniversary edition)

180g lp - £21.99 | Buy
Following 2020’s 50th anniversary editions of the era-defining ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ and ‘Mona Bone Jakon’, 2021 sees Yusuf / Ca...
yusuf/cat stevens

Harold & Maude (50th anniversary)

cd - £6.99
Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the landmark film’s release, this new version of the soundtrack combines nine Cat Stevens originals as well...
yusuf/cat stevens

tell 'em I'm gone

180g LP + download - £19.99
Recorded all over the world, from Los Angeles to Dubai, the album sees Islam returning to the early blues & R&B that inspired him as a young man, crafti...
Teaser & The Firecat

yusuf/cat stevens

Teaser & The Firecat

  • limited 2cd

    Released: 19th Nov 2021