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Music By C418 (2024 Repress)
  1. Ki
  2. Alpha
  3. Blind Spots
  4. Mutation
  5. Biome Fest
  6. Aria Math
  7. Taswell
  8. Beginning 2
  9. Moog City 2
  10. The End
  11. Kyoto
  12. Chirp
  13. Mellohi
  14. Stal
  15. Eleven
  16. Far
  17. Intro

Minecraft Volume Beta

Music By C418 (2024 Repress)

  • limited Red Orange & Yellow 2lp

    Released: 17th May 2024


Originally self-released in 2013, 'Minecraft Volume Beta' was C418’s longest batch of music to date at nearly 140 minutes.

The collection features tracks that were “silently” added to Minecraft during its music updates and a few that never officially entered the game. The run time is now adapted to fit the double LP format, while digital downloads include the full set. Rosenfeld’s unmistakable abilities are on display; he creates a sweeping variety of musical ideas that mirror the limitless universe of Minecraft.