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Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
  1. Banging And Shouting
  2. Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
  3. Work. Rest. Play. Reggae
  4. Set We Free
  5. OptimismReject
  6. Buy Me Sell Me
  7. The Little Dippers
  8. Trendy
  9. Backstreet Boys
  10. Babysitter
  11. Irrelevant Battles
  12. Cruellest Crime
  13. The Paranoid Ward
  14. The Bingo Crowd (Instrumental)
  15. Life At The Top
  16. Ragged Generation (For Real)
  17. Live Out My Stars
  18. George
  19. All Sewn Up
  20. Improve Myself
  21. Little Fishes
  22. All The Years Of Trying
  23. Conventions Of Life
  24. As Ugly As You
  25. When I Get Famous
  26. All My Friends Are Dead Now
  27. Adopted Girl
  28. The Bingo Crowd
  29. My Secret Life
  30. Animal Mentality
  31. Pop Star Pop Star

Patrik Fitzgerald

Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart

  • limited 2lp

    Released: 31st May 2024


Munster Records proudly presents a collection of Patrik Fitzgerald's Small Wonder and Polydor releases.

A combination of punk's outrage with a streak of optimism, rare for its time and place, collected for the very first time on a double LP package. Patrik Fitzgerald was one of the oddities that punk rock threw up in 1977. A lone singer with an acoustic guitar regaling punk audiences with lyrical songs and interspersing them with chats, stories and poems. He is the great forgotten songwriter from the Class of '77. Patrik Fitzgerald never became a household name or punk icon like Rotten, Strummer or Weller, but to his loyal followers he is just as important and as inspirational. Same goes for Mark Perry, Vic Godard and Robert Lloyd.