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Profiles (2024 Reissue)
  1. Malta
  2. Lie for a Lie
  3. Rhoda
  4. Profiles Part 1 / Profiles Part 2
  5. Israel
  6. And the Address5
  7. Mumbo Jumbo
  8. Zip Code
  9. Black Ice
  10. At the End of the Day
  11. Profiles Part 3

Mason & Fenn

Profiles (2024 Reissue)

  • lp

    Released: 7th Jun 2024


‘'Profiles’ is Nick's first collaboration with 10cc guitarist, Rick Fenn, and was his second album outside of Pink Floyd.

Released in 1985 as ‘Mason + Fenn’, it is mainly an instrumental album except for tracks ‘Lie for a Lie’, which features vocals from Maggie Reilly and former bandmate David Gilmour and ‘Israel’, sung by UFO keyboardist Danny Peyronel.