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Saint Etienne

a glimpse of stocking (2016 reissue)

foreign office

very limited lp

Released: 16th Dec 2016


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It’s Christmas time.

There is, usually, no need to be afraid. But let’s face it. It’s never the most inspiring period for popular music. For every gem or two nestled in each Christmas-themed release, there’s usually a sleigh-load of rubbish to wade through. So it’s a pleasure to report that the good folks Saint Etienne have decided to up the ante. And not just with an amazing single, but a tremendous album full of Christmas joy and goodness. Be quick, though. It’s a limited release and likely to get snapped up almost immediately. Given the bitter weather, it’s nice of Sarah, Bob and Pete to provide something to keep you warm: a Christmas-themed set that collects together previous fan club releases, 1994’s smash I Was Born on Christmas Day, and a half-dozen new additions. Alongside well-selected covers of Cliff Richard (21st Century Christmas), Chris Rea (Driving Home for Christmas), Billy Fury (My Christmas Prayer) and The Doors (Wintertime Love), there’s the tinsel techno rave-up of Gonna Have a Party, the sizzling glam of Come on Christmas, the icy OMDness of Through the Winter and the instrumental interludes of Snowbound on the South Bank and Fireside Favourite. They finish off with their version of Harry Nilsson’s Snow, from 2003’s fan club disc. There are no new takes on carols, nor any narky topical dialogues about the commercialisation of Christmas among this lot; instead, it’s a groovin’ assortment of magic and sparkle all the way. A frisky, marvellous delight from beginning to end, A Glimpse of Stocking is firmly in the lineage of quality festive albums, to be filed alongside similarly themed releases by the Carpenters, Ella, The Beach Boys, Low and Phil Spector.

a glimpse of stocking (2016 reissue)


  1. Gonna Have A Party
  2. 21st Century Christmas
  3. Driving Home For Christmas
  4. Welcome Home
  5. Snowbound On The South Bank
  6. My Christmas Prayer
  7. I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You
  8. Come On Christmas
  9. Through The Winter
  10. I Was Born On Christmas Day
  11. Fireside Favourite
  12. No Cure For The Common Christmas
  13. Wintertime Love
  14. Unwrap Me
  15. Snow