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Saint Etienne

Good Humor (Deluxe Edition)

heavenly recordings


Released: 23rd Jun 2017


This 2CD remastered deluxe edition contains ‘Fairfax High’ in its entirety – never before released on its own - as well as a number of other rare and unreleased tracks.

‘Good Humor’ is Saint Etienne’s fourth album released in 1998. The record was a departure for the group, who had been associated with the Indie Dance genre. ‘Tiger Bay’, their previous album, had added many acoustic and orchestral elements but still belonged to the synthpop and dance genres, while ‘Good Humor’ is more acoustic. ‘Good Humor’ was demoed in the UK using synths and drum machines but was recorded in Sweden under the guidance of Tore Johansson, who augmented their sound with a full band and a horn section.


Good Humor (Deluxe Edition)


  1. Wood Cabin
  2. Sylvie
  3. Split Screen
  4. Mr. Donut
  5. Goodnight Jack
  6. Lose That Girl
  7. The Bad Photographer
  8. Been So Long
  9. Postman
  10. Erica America
  11. Dutch TV
  12. Hill Street Connection
  13. Hit The Brakes
  14. Madeleine
  15. Swim Swam Swim
  16. 4.35 In The Morning
  17. Clark Co. Record Fair
  18. Zipcode
  19. My Name Is Vlaovic
  20. Afraid To Go Home
  21. La La La
  22. Do You Love Me
  23. Cat Nap
  24. Jack Lemmon
  25. Constantly
  26. The Emidisc Theme
  27. 4:35 In The Morning (Original Version)