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tru thoughts

12" + download

Released: 11th Nov 2016


On the 7-track EP, which illuminates the fascinating intricacy of Joe Acheson's work, the immersive lead track is accompanied by several of the original source compositions which fed into its creation.

Rich in detail and character, field recordings intertwine with drums, percussion and eclectic instruments including piano, electro-harp, glockenspiel, Turkish mey and cello. Although they were written to be source material for sampling, the source pieces included on the "Wingbeats" EP stand on their own as individual compositions, with striking elements which can easily get lost in the full texture of the main track. Each source track tells a story.



  1. Wingbeats
  2. Wingbeats Source I - Bird Table
  3. Wingbeats Source I I - Cello
  4. Wingbeats Source I II - Piano And Wings
  5. Wingbeats_Source IV - Tuned Percussion, Harp, Mey