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Halfbird (2019 REISSUE)

Joyful Noise Recordings


Released: 22nd Nov 2019


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Deerhoof and Joyful Noise Recordings will issue the first ever vinyl edition of the band’s third LP, Halfbird, on November 22, 2019.

Originally released in July 2001 by Menlo Park Records, Halfbird is 14 tracks of playful absurdity and pummeling energy, featuring founding member Greg Saunier (drums - guitar - vocals); Satomi Matsuzaki (vocals - bass); and Rob Fisk (guitar). 2019 sees the 25-year anniversary of Deerhoof being a band.

Halfbird (2019 REISSUE)


  1. Halfrabbit Halfdog
  2. Six Holes on a Stick
  3. Red Dragon
  4. Trickybird
  5. The Man The King The Girl And The Spider
  6. Witchery Glamour Spell
  7. Queen Orca Wicca Wind
  8. Sunnyside
  9. Carriage
  10. Littleness
  11. Xmas Tree
  12. Rat Attack
  13. The Forty Fours
  14. Halfmole Halfbird.