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Future Teenage Cave Artists

Joyful Noise Recordings


Released: 26th Jun 2020


limited blood colour lp + download

Released: 26th Jun 2020



Released: 26th Jun 2020


the avant garde psych-rock-eteers return with a beautifully chaotic squall of warped guitars and clattering snares.

stitching together fragments of 'r&b' and 'classic rock' and transforming them into a new language of revolution, they forego verse-chorus structures for dream logic and blind intuition. what makes this album different is its intimacy, the blues riffs and slide guitars are joined by rusty pianos and whispered three-part harmonies. In this sense, FTCA inverts the formula of Deerhoof's last album, 'Mountain Moves', which invited a wide community of collaborators to band together in an open celebration of solidarity. This one is borne of self-isolation and deprivation. It's the sound of a sparkling, manic musical intelligence being disconnected from a nourishing public and devouring itself inside its own cocoon, attempting metamorphosis.

Future Teenage Cave Artists


  1. Future Teenage Cave Artists
  2. Sympathy for the Baby Boo
  3. The Loved One
  4. O Ye Saddle Babes
  5. New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
  6. Zazeet
  7. Fraction Anthem
  8. "Farewell" Symphony
  9. Reduced Guilt
  10. Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun
  11. I Call on Thee