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Eric Bibb

jericho road

dixie frog


Released: 7th Oct 2013


for ‘jericho road’ bibb has further expanded his soulful gospel-infused palette to include new flavours & sounds.

a tireless performer & outstanding singer & guitarist, in both acoustic & electric formats, eric bibb has become one of the most loved & celebrated musicians working in the blues/american roots music field. as eric acknowledges "… there is an underlying theme throughout my repertoire. it has to do with looking at the world, looking at the trouble in the world & wanting to say something about it".

jericho road


  1. Drinkin’ Gourd
  2. Freedom Train
  3. Let The Mothers Step Up
  4. Have A Heart
  5. The Right Thing
  6. Death Row Blues
  7. Can’t Please Everybody
  8. The Lord’s Work
  9. With My Maker I Am One
  10. They Know
  11. She Got Mine
  12. Good Like You
  13. One Day At A Time