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roly porter


Subtext Recordings


Released: 5th Jun 2020



Released: 5th Jun 2020


Spectral drone excavations that carefully chip away at heart-chambers until its listeners chests cave in, broken.

With ‘kistvaen' (a type of granite tomb found predominantly in Dartmoor), Roly Porter speculates on the burial site as a mirror, or a gate in time. excavating stories and images of ancient burial rituals, the record teases out similarities in emotional and social rituals between the neolithic period and today. venturing across histories, porter soundtracks a moorland burial unanchored in time. raw, unprocessed vocals are folded into field recordings made in the area, wordlessly relaying tableaus of burial rituals. FFO: William Basinski, BVDub, Ben Frost. “One can glean the first four stages of grief in these immersive, unrelenting sounds.” - A Closer Listen

Jon says: “A meditation on burial rituals spanning from Neolithic Dartmoor monuments up to present day via generally subtle, but often ecstatic electronic pyrotechnics. This one is a total heartbreaker.”

Ferg says: “This sculptor of sound guides us through an exhibit of twisted beauty that pits dystopian minimalism against walls of epic noise & lush electronics, never falling short of engrossing.”




  1. Assembly
  2. Burial
  3. An Open Door
  4. Inflation Field
  5. Passage
  6. Kistvaen