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The Spiral Ambience

All Saints Records

limited cd

Released: 10th Jul 2020


The Spiral Ambience parallels the bubbling phenomenon of a certain YT subculture yearning to hear pop songs stretched out and slowed down.

 Here Dallas Acid take their nuance for designing compelling soundworlds to offer the listener “a deeper study, a chance to feel the tones of the planet, and then exist for a while in the ether of synth and gong.” Or as described by Arrive Without Leaving LP collaborator Laraaji, “Majestically immersive sound spaces in which to float, wonder, move and trance.”  Dallas Acid are Christian Havins, Linda Beecroft and Michael Gerner. In their words:  “We’ve experimented with remixing our own recordings over the years, but rarely has a piece come into its own, with a unique personality and such a distinct feeling from our originals. The approach we took was similar to when we were creating music for float tanks a few years ago: stripping it down to a select few tracks, affecting & manipulating the speeds, and then remixing them into a new composition.  “While The Spiral Arm focuses on the collective human experience: celebrating love and life, overcoming gutwrenching tragedy, and coping with the increasingly bizarre, science-fiction reality we face as a species every day, The Spiral Ambience shifts perspectives, imagining the relationship from the planet’s point of view.”

The Spiral Ambience


  1. The Spiral Ambience I (5:24)
  2. The Spiral Ambience II (18:23)
  3. The Spiral Ambience III (2:41)
  4. The Enamel Sea (14:53)
  5. Ecological Succession (10:40)