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Voka Gentle


Leafy Outlook

Limited Sol Yellow Coloured 2LP

Released: 26th Nov 2021



Released: 26th Nov 2021


Operating on a plane between avant-garde indie, bubbling electronica and cosmic psychedelia, London group Voka Gentle have an addictive, amorphous sound.

A three limb ed beast made up of twins Ellie and Imogen Mason , and William J. Stokes, each is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with an imperious understanding of three dimensional sound.


  1. Kestrel
  2. Necrofauna/The Garden Of Eden (feat. Wayne Coyne)
  3. Horse Latitudes
  4. A Selving
  5. Respect My Eccentricity pt. 1
  6. Respect My Eccentricity pt. 2
  7. Miasma Field Modulator(Trafalgar Square)+/-field recs (feat. Oliver Wilde)
  8. TV Bra™
  9. See Damage (зона)
  10. Election Day
  11. Dread/TKOE (feat. BELLS)
  12. [When We Go, We’re Taking You All With Us!]
  13. Slow Joe
  14. The Black Swell