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absent origin
  1. a mark of resistance
  2. there is always a girl with a secret
  3. silence is silver
  4. bower of bliss
  5. wooddrifts
  6. nkosezane - for my daddy
  7. like Jenga (only it reaches all the way to the sky and it’s made of knives)
  8. doggerland (between the acts)
  9. fundamental things
  10. fractions fractured factions
  11. i’m in love with the end
  12. surrender
  13. GARGLE (command V)
  14. dishàng shuãng (edit)
  15. transport me
  16. an infinite thrum (archipelago)
  17. the abandoned colony collapsed my world

mira calix

absent origin

  • CD

    Released: 5th Nov 2021


After periods when many things break down, new things need to be made from fragments.

absent origin uses the process of collage to make sense of such fragments. Burrowed deep in rolling hills of books and magazines of her source material, Mira Calix’s studio took shape of a Scandi-Noir detectives office but in place of suspect is Calix herself cut and pasted into the artworks that circle this album. Immersing herself into the history of collage, she researched the various processes applied by artists, as well as the medium's history in relation to the 20th century and political upheaval. Every song on the album was created by applying a different collage process relating to a different visual artist, spanning the history of collage to contemporaries of the practice. The sonic materials are subjected to a myriad of processes; layered, synthesised, constructed and assembled into electronic melodies, textures and complex, frisky dance rhythms that are constantly shifting in surprising ways. absent origin employs collage to make sense of the current moment of displaced voices, disjunction and political unrest.