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Constantine Skourlis

Eternal Recurrence

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Constantine Skourlis is no stranger to long works that inspire violence and darkness in the mind.
  1. Mercury Immersion
  2. Horse Tail
  3. Failed Myth Simulation
  4. Darwin’s Finches
  5. Unveiling
  6. Manic
  7. Hajstra
  8. A Crooked God
  9. Recall



  • lp

    Released: 26th Nov 2021

  • cd

    Released: 26th Nov 2021


Haunting, petrifying, and pugnacious – Rec’s cinematic soundscape sizzles with a vibrant vigour, revealing an expansive step forward in her process without losing any of her plangent appeal.

Warsaw-based cellist/composer Resina (Karolina Rec) returns with a first standalone album in three years, taking a big step forward on a bold and brilliantly expansive record that explores ideas about language, the voice and the unpredictability of nature. Recorded by Resina and Michał Kupicz, with striking additional mixing & production work by Daniel Rejmer (Ben Frost, Björk, Foals, Girls Names), ‘Speechless’ is fluid and muscular, with wide dynamics and a dark and powerful dramatic weight. Across nine tracks, Resina’s cello, voice and electronics are set alongside drummer Mateusz Rychlicki, the 23-piece 441 Hz choir, with Magdalena Gajdzica playing flute (track 1) and Michał Fojcik adding field recording & sound design (track 4). Removed from their regular, more refined classical contexts, cello and choir are subjected to electronic processing, expanded and deployed in a swirling, visceral sound-world, sometimes pushed into distortion and anchored alongside Rychlicki’s driving drumming. An amalgamation of noise, rock, ambient, choral and classical elements, ‘Speechless’ shifts from gossamer beauty to glowering threat; from pulsing minimalism to full-bore propulsive blow-outs. As well as moments of great beauty, it is shot through with shrieks and howls, cavernous bass drops, sirens and sudden pitch shifts.