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The Residents


New Ralph

9cd boxset

Released: 28th Jan 2022



ALSO INCLUDES ‘WORMWOOD’, ‘ROADWORMS’, ‘WORMWOOD: LIVE IN EUROPE 1999’ AND A DISC OF LIVE INTERPRETATIONS OF ‘WORMWOOD’ MATERIAL RECORDED THROUGHOUT THE 2000s. AN ENTIRE PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED LIVE SHOW. SLEEVENOTES BY JIM KNIPFEL + CONTRIBUTIONS FROM CARLA FABRIZIO. PRODUCED BY THE RESIDENTS AND THE CRYPTIC CORPORATION. As the second Millennium AD drew to a close, The Residents began to take stock on a couple of thousand years of reasonably fruitful human endeavour. One text, they felt, had inescapably set the tone and dominated the narrative throughout the Western world for most of that period, often clouding the view as they looked back. Sure enough, The Bible, Testaments Old and New, seemed like fertile ground for a confused, anonymous band approaching their fourth decade. Throughout 1998 and 1999, The Residents set about writing, recording and extensively touring a set of songs based around some of the more curious, unsettling and downright messed up stories they found upon revisiting their old Sunday School Bibles, and present here the results of those industrious years. Complete with demos and sketches, two full live recordings, a live-in-thestudio reworking and the usual assorted ephemera plus later live recordings, ‘The Wormwood Box’ showcases a project the band still think of very fondly, and have often revisited. Join us and marvel as the Eyeball Oddballs somehow cram murder, rape, incest, vengeance, slaughter and, erm, circumcision into a radio friendly pop format! Spread across an inescapably unwieldy 9CDs at the group’s insistence, ‘The Wormwood Box’ is the final, definitive word on The Residents’ Millennially-challenged adventures and explorations within The Good Book. Or so it says here. Remastered, expanded, and pREServed for future generations, this is the latest in a series of archival Residents’ re-issues that will continue throughout 2022 as the band celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Look out for forthcoming deluxe vinyl re-issues of the classic 1970s albums, a brand new OST recording for a forthcoming film and further pREServed releases as the year unfolds. The Residents will also be touring extensively – why not go keep them company one evening.



WORMWOOD 1 In The Beginning 2 Fire Fall 3 They Are The Meat 4 Melancholy Clumps 5 How To Get A Head 6 Cain And Abel 7 Mr Misery 8 Tent Peg In The Temple 9 God's Magic Finger 10 Spilling The Seed 11 Dinah And The Unclean Skin 12 Bathsheba Bathes 13 Bridegroom Of Blood 14 Hanging By His Hair 15 The Seven Ugly Cows 16 Burn Baby Burn 17 KILL HIM! 18 I Hate Heaven 19 Judas Saves 20 Revelation

EARLY WORMS 1 Waterfall 2 Squid 3 Sleepy Time 4 SilverShield 5 Sausage City 6 Sassy Bassy 7 Racking 8 Possum 9 Pickle 10 NutraSweet 11 Movie 12 Michael 13 Log Dam 14 Indo 15 Humer 16 France 17 Earth Man 18 Dooky Town 19 Choppy 20 Chihuahua 21 Cabbage 22 Beta 23 Beach 24 Anything 25 All Flash 26 Adenoids (All tracks previously unreleased)

EARLY WORMS II 1 In The Beginning Sketch 2 SKull2 Un-American Band 3 SkullBiz Sketch 4 Just A Whore (SkullBiz) 5 HeadSketch 6 Job Meets The Monsters 7 Abe Medley Sketch 8 King Of Kings Sketch 9 King Of Kings (Francis) 10 Jesus Saves (Version 1) 11 Jesus Saves  (Version 2) (All tracks previously unreleased)

WORMWOOD AT THE FILLMORE 1998 (ACT I) 1 Mr Skull Superstar 2 In the Beginning 3 KILL HIM! 4 How to Get A Head 5 Hanging By His Hair 6 Mr Misery 7 Tent Peg in the Temple 8 God's Magic Finger 9 Dinah And The Unclean Skin 10 Cain and Abel 11 Burn Baby Burn 12 Fire Fall (All tracks previously unreleased)

ROADWORMS 1 Un-American Band 2 How To Get A Head (Road) 3 Hanging By His Hair (Road) 4 God's Magic Finger (Road) 5 Tent Peg In The Temple (Road) 6 Fire Fall (Road) 7 Cain And Abel (Road) 8 Dinah And The Unclean Skin (Road) 9 Abraham (Road) 10 Burn Baby Burn (Road) 11 Judas Saves (Road)

WORMWOOD: LIVE IN EUROPE 1999 (ACT II) 1 King Of Kings 2 Skull Prayer 3 Mr Skull's Rave 4 4 Abraham 5 Bridegroom Of Blood 6 Mr Skull's Rave 5 7 David 8 Judas Saves 9 Old Time Religion 10 Jesus Loves Me

WORMWOOD AT THE FILLMORE 1998 (ACT II) 1 The Seven Ugly Cows 2 Melancholy Lumps 3 Bathsheba Bathes 4 Bridegroom Of Blood 5 They Are The Meat 6 I Hate Heaven 7 Judas Saves 8 Revelation 9 Smelly Tongues 10 Moisture 11 Picnic Boy 12 Walter Westinghouse (All tracks previously unreleased)

WORMWOOD: LIVE IN EUROPE 1999 (ACT I) 1 In The Beginning 2 Welcome To Wormwood 3 Mr Skull's Rave 1 4 How To Get A Head 5 Mr Misery 6 Tent Peg In The Temple 7 Mr Skull's Rave 2 8 God's Magic Finger 9 Dinah And The Unclean Skin 10 Cain And Abel 11 Mr Skull's Rave 3 12 Burn Baby Burn 13 Fire Fall

WOODWORMS 1 In Between Screams 2 Nober 3 Bridegroom Of Blood (SF, 2001) 4 Burn Baby Burn (SF, 2001) 5 They Are The Meat/Mr Misery (Australia, 2005) 6 Burn Baby Burn (Australia, 2005) 7 They Are The Meat (Oslo, 2011) 8 Hanging By His Hair (Munich, 2013) 9 Bathsheba Bathes (Munich, 2013) 10 They Are The Meat (NYC, 2014) 11 Judas Saves (Laussanne, 2014) (Tracks 7-11 previously unreleased)