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The Vernon Spring

What’s Going On

lima loma


Released: 25th Feb 2022


The Vernon Spring's sophomore album 'What's Going On' is a cathartic, powerful and timely response to Marvin Gaye's seminal 1971 album of the same name.

The album is composed of a tapestry of field recordings, samples, and speech excerpts all woven around The Vernon Spring's central highly intimate muted piano performances.

What’s Going On

  1. What's Going On
  2. What's Happening Brother
  3. Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)
  4. To Be Human (Jazz Skit #1)
  5. Save The Children
  6. Somebody (Jazz Skit #2)
  7. Grow Up (Jazz Skit #3)
  8. God Is Love
  9. Mercy Mercy Me
  10. It's What I Could See (Jazz Skit #5)
  11. Right On
  12. Wholy Holy
  13. Dad's Records (Jazz Skit #5)
  14. Shot Down (Jazz Skit #6)
  15. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)