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Symbol (2022 reissue)


limited clear lp

Released: 15th Apr 2022



Released: 15th Apr 2022


The prolific Yokota rightly saw this album as his masterwork - An incredible kaleidoscopic patchwork of samples from classical recordings by the likes of John Cage, Meredith Monk, Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel and Tchaikovsky are brought together and lovingly transformed in Yokota’s inimitable style to create what Pitchfork described as an "ecstasy album”.

Each track is a firework of temporality, as ideas collide and briefly hold together in the fragile moment before decaying and decomposing. Sampling, the re-imagining of music, is very much the instrument of Yokota. Within the restricted seconds of a digital sample you hear a recording from a certain time, you hear the room, you hear the dust on the cello bow, and you can just about sense what the musician was feeling that day.

Symbol (2022 reissue)


  1. long long silk bridge
  2. purple rose minuet
  3. traveler in the wonderland
  4. song of the sleeping forest
  5. the plateau which the zephyr of flora occupies
  6. fairy dance of twinkle and shadow
  7. flaming love and destiny
  8. the dying black swan
  9. blue sky and yellow sunflower
  10. capriccio and the innovative composer
  11. I close the door upon myself
  12. symbol of life, love and aesthetics
  13. music from the lake surface