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BROOD X CYCLES (Nik Colk Void & Alexander Tucker)


the state 51 conspiracy


Released: 21st Jun 2022


In the spring of 2019 Void and Tucker convened at Void’s Demna Studio to record two days of modular improvisations.

Using their individualised modular cases they connected the two configurations to create one whole system where they could integrate and meld sequences, beats, drones and samples. Key to the duo’s process was bringing the organic textures of guitar, cello and voice together with machine rhythms, creating a balance between circuitry and the human body. The duo edited down the raw recordings into their crucial moments, expanding upon the improvisations into eight cohesive pieces. Sleep Nameless Fear carves out a world of heavy percussive patterns, monolithic drones, disembodied voices and noise frequency manipulation into one detailed vortex.



  1. Time Domain
  2. No Rival
  3. Crawl Out The Ground
  4. Sunday Matter
  5. Clock Divide
  6. Educational Space
  7. Wave Dismount
  8. Brood 10