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Floating World Pictures

The Twenty-three Views

Friendly Recordings

limited indies black lp

Released: 27th May 2022


limited indies Pale Blue lp

Released: 27th May 2022


Floating World Pictures is made up of Chestnutt, afounding member of Snapped Ankles, andRaimund Wong, a sound artist most recognised forhis graphic work for International Anthem, TRCand Church of Sound.

The Twenty-three Views


  1. The Village Headman Pleading With The Old Ferryman
  2. Salt-wind Rises at the Waterfront Promenade
  3. Til Dusk, at Devran
  4. From 23 Views Of Sai Kung Hoi (Day One)
  5. Fairbairn’s Floating World
  6. Bura Boro
  7. Overmorrow, Monchan
  8. Gokarna To Hampi, After Dark