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Rupert Lally

Solid State Memories

third kind records

limited (1 red / 1 blue) 2lp in gatefold + book (pre-order)

Expected Release: 5th Aug 2022


limited (1 red / 1 blue) 2lp in gatefold (pre-order)

Expected Release: 5th Aug 2022


26 tracks of piano, synth and drum compositions that remind of Peter Gabriel or Brian Eno’s more soundtrack-based work.

Rupert Lally is a Brighton-born composer and novelist & this is a soundtrack to Lally’s own debut novel! A kind of Phil K Dick and JG Ballard-esque science fiction.

Solid State Memories

  1. Waking Up Without You
  2. Wrong Coffee
  3. ID And Travel Pass
  4. Trapped
  5. Through The Alleys
  6. A Brief History Of Memory
  7. At A Party Years Ago
  8. Rachel's Apartment
  9. Deserted Suburb
  10. The Truth From Someone You’ll Believe
  11. Borrowed Clothes And Blood
  12. Force Pair
  13. A Tsunami Of Memories
  14. Don't Let Them Kill Me
  15. Elevator Shaft
  16. Donald Heinlein
  17. Escape From Whitehaven
  18. Approaching Triangles
  19. Miles From Anywhere
  20. Judy
  21. Keep Your Head Down
  22. Apartment Block
  23. Joanne
  24. Parking Garage
  25. Helicopter Ride
  26. Waking Up Without Me