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Ian William Craig

Music For Magnesium_173

130701 / FatCat

limited 2lp - 1 per customer

Released: 23rd Sep 2022


Anything but passive/reserved background sound-beds, it possesses a real weight & power, displaying his peerless power as an improvising composer able to summon & shape the sublime via modified tape decks, electronics & his beautiful voice, forging a unique kind of choral-based, heavily-abrasive take on ambient composition.

This is a gorgeous new LP of material comissioned to soundtrack Magnesium_173, an elegant puzzle-based PC game inspired by quantum mechanics. On double vinyl, the LP comprises 12 bold + immersive pieces, totalling 80 mins of new music, with Ian using modular synthesis for the first time. Craig is described by MOJO as “a trained opera singer manipulating analogue recordings of his own voice to conjure up bewitching traceries of phantom arias... creating something elegiac + profound”; by The Guardian as “like a collaboration between between Bon Iver + William Basinski”; and by Pitchfork as “like Tim Hecker producing the outré Jónsi Birgisson album many expected but never got.” RIYL: The Caretaker, William Basinski, Abul Mogard, Aphex Twin, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Stars Of The Lid, Fennesz, Juliana Barwick, Lawrence English

Music For Magnesium_173