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Taro Nohara

Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine



Released: 11th Nov 2022


8 tracks of pure environmental ambient bliss.

Based in Tokyo, Taro Nohara is a producer, beatmaker, DJ, and music activist who made a mark with his electronic / ambient unit Unknown Me ( (of Not Not Fun Records fame). His new solo project, Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine, is a unique and modern take on Japanese environmental music, a free floating re-interpretation of the sub-genre made famous by Midori Takada, Hiroshi Yoshimura, or Satoshi Ashikawa (and more!) fused with subtle nuances of various origins: downtempo, hip hop, sound design, chill-out, experimental. Conceived as a two-part adventure of contemplative peace, Taro Nohara’s organic soundscape takes you on a mind-soothing walk through time (or memories) and the beautiful mysteries of luscious forests - don’t resist, let yourself go, explore!

Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine

  1. Shishi Odishi
  2. African Buddhist Temple
  3. Beatific Sea
  4. Peninsula Information Center
  5. Miyadaiku
  6. The Universe Above The Garden
  7. Freakout Ondo
  8. Deep Inside Of The Naiku (Jo-Ha-Kyu)