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Specialist Subject

limited lp

Released: 30th Nov 2018


South West four-piece Neurotic Fiction make groovy post-punk that pokes fun at our internal inadequacies.

Having performe with the likes of Sacred Paws, Self Defense Family, Jeffrey Lewis, Martha, Makthaverskan and Breakfast Muff over the past three years, the band have a collective history of working within the UK DIY scene thanks to a bunch previous projects. Now coming together to channel the weaving riffs of the B-52’s, Neurotic Fiction create cathartic pop jams that try to find comfort and space in a world that doesn’t always seem so welcoming. These candid-yet-comical accounts of anxiety form a unique home on their debut album, Pulp Music, where jangly, urgent swells create a comforting call-to-action for anyone who’s ever felt like a bit of a dweeb. Produced by John Hannon (Sauna Youth, Trash Kit), Pulp Music is the result of trying not to take life too seriously and owning the missteps we might make along the way. “It's about trying to overcome fear of doing something because of the perceived, unwanted side-effect,” adds Sinclair. “It’s about not being afraid to take risks and to learn from mistakes rather than being worried about fucking up.”



  1. Social Animal
  2. Collateral
  3. Warm Spirit
  4. Generals
  5. Loose End
  6. Bell Curve
  7. Blue Slush
  8. Meaning of LYF
  9. Mediator
  10. Pulp Music