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green seagull


mega dodo


Released: 3rd May 2019


Taking their name from a mis‐heard Rolling Stones lyric, Green Seagull are the latest band to burst out of London's burgeoning neo‐psych scene.

The band formed in 2016 when Paul Nelson (New Electric Ride) approached Paul Milne (Hidden Masters / Magnetic Mind) to work on some songs together. A shared enthusiasm for late‐60s baroque psychedelia and 12‐string jangle soon blossomed into a prolific songwriting team. Their debut album, Scarlet Fever, was released last year to critical acclaim. Now the band returns with a new single. ‘Simeon Brown’ is adorned with a radiantly cheery bandstand blossoming that’s charmed with a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ era McCartney‐esque artistry dovetailed with a Kinks meets Tomorrow vibe”. ‘Belladonna’ has a festooning of fuzz stoked grooviness immediately drawn of a love for the Zombies, swirling keys kissed with a shades adorned authentic 60’s beat pop savvy which not for the first time during this evenings listening thus far, has sided a kinship with the Wicked Whispers with a tracing hint of a younger Hanging Stars.