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Released: 19th Apr 2019


Beautiful bottoms are all very well, but who can resist another devilishly handsome chunk of sonic pop goodness from the vaults? Sublimely absurd and perfectly dysfunctional period pop with that irresistible charm to satisfy even the most irritable of us.

On the premise of ol’ Frank Zappa’s casual sentiment; “Pop isn’t dead, it just smells funny” this latest episode positively reeks! ‘



  1. ZEN Hair 1968
  2. SLAM CREEPERS Ha Ha Ha 1968
  3. THE GOLDEN EARRINGS I’ve Just Lost Somebody 1968
  4. THE PETARDS The Fountain 1968
  5. ANNABEE NOX Silver Spoon 1967 FUNKY FAMILY Rita 1970
  6. LES SAUTERELLES Montgolfier 1968
  7. LOS BRINCOS If I Were You 1970
  8. MIKAEL & MICHAEL Lovin’ Enemy 1967
  9. CHRISTOPHER JOHN with THE J J BAND Mister Sand 1968
  10. THE SHOES I Don’t Want To Go 1968
  11. JACQUES DUTRONC Restons Francais, Soyons Gaulois 1970
  12. DADDY’S ACT The Sound Of The Backstreet 1969
  13. THE PETARDS Tiger Rider 1968
  14. LOS BRINCOS So Good To Dance 1967
  15. RO-D-YS Nothing to Change A Mind 1967
  16. LES IRRESISTIBLES Why Try To Hide 1969
  17. DADDY’S ACT Grey Birds Scream 1967
  18. TENDERFOOT KIDS Tomorrow The Moon 1969
  19. FUNKY FAMILY Little Girl 197