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Released: 19th Apr 2019


THE MIGHTY AVENGERS - Hey Senorita (April 1964)|THE FIRING SQUAD - A Little Bit More (July 1964)|EDEN KANE - Gonna Do Something About You (November 1964)|THE JUNIORS - Pocket Size (August 1964)|NEIL LANDON - I’ve Got Nothing To Lose (January 1966)|BOBBY ANGELO & THE END - I Got Wise (April 1967)|THE SONICS - Hey Baby (March 1968)|LAURIE JAY COMBO - A Song Called Soul (February 1965)|WEE WILLIE HARRIS - Try Moving Baby (December 1966)|THE ROGER JAMES FOUR - Leave Me Alone (April 1965)|THE MUSTANG - Why (March 1967)|THE MONOTONES - If You Can’t Give Me All (March 1965)|DAVE CURTISS & THE TREMORS - Que Sera Sera (June 1965)|THE MOSAICS - Let’s Go Drag Racing (August 1966)|THE MONOTONES - When Will I Be Loved (March 1965)|THE MERSEYBEATS - I Stand Accused (December 1968)|JACKIE LYNTON - Little Child (March 1964)|THE COUSINS - Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (June 1964)|BOBBY CRISTO & THE REBELS - I’ve Got To Get You Out Of My Mind (May 1964)|THE MIGHTY AVENGERS - I’m Lost Without You (February 1965



  1. Particles conclude their Beat!freak! series with a freaky finale for Beat!freak! Vol 10: Buckling under the weight of treasured bullion contained herein, Beat!Freak! bows out with this final platter promising more of the meat and bones beneath the bruised and battered torso of British pop music. The rare, the obscure, and the virtually extinct come together in an intoxicating marriage of fuzz and testosterone with 20 slabs of prime heavyweight beat pop, replete with a whiff of R&B from 19641968.