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Released: 5th Jul 2019


Ottone Pesante is an italian instrumental trio composed by Paolo Raineri (trumpet), Francesco Bucci (trombone) and Beppe Mondini (drums) that plays "Metal".

Someone call their music Heavy Brass Metal or Brasscore and they are right. The band was born in 2015 with the idea to make a new way to play brass instruments and a new way to play Heavy Metal as well. They released their first EP "Ottone Pesante" in the same year and they started a new tour all around Italy. Their first album "Brassphemy set in stone" was released in 2016, then they started a very long tour for 2 years that allowed OP to play all around Europe in clubs and in every kind of festivals, from Metal to Jazz. Their second album "Apocalips" was released on the 2nd of November of 2018. On this album appear the featuring of Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation on the track “The Fifth trumpet”. Sudoku Killer, born in Rome in 2007, is a band fronted by the contrabassist Caterina Palazzi. All the musicians of the band share a similar artistic background, ranging from jazz to rock and experimental music. Their first album "Sudoku Killer" was released in 2010 with the Italian label "Zone di Musica" and was followed by some massive european tours and festival performances (more than 300 concerts around Europe). Over the years the overall sound of the band made a change and the second album "INFANTICIDE" (Auand 2015) is the result of this course. This album compile with different elements: Psychedelic, noise, postrock and evocative soundtracks. The third album "Asperger", released in 2018 with the prestigious European label Clean Feed Records, is darker than the previous ones. To promote this release, the band played and shared the stage with Uzeda, ZU, Zeni Geva, Gianluca Petrella and many others. In 2010 in the "Jazzit Award", the national referendum held by the magazin Jazzit, Caterina Palazzi was voted as "Best Italian composer" and "Sudoku Killer" was named second best Italian album. Furthermore, "Infanticide" and "Asperger" have been named among the best records of the year by numerous music magazines.



  1. In The End Silence Under The Snow ( Ottone Pesante )
  2. Weak ( Ottone Pesante )
  3. Zinculate ( Ottone Pesante )
  4. The Slow Rise To The Abyss ( Ottone Pesante )
  5. Asperger Suite ( Sudoku Killer )