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THE SHADOW KNOWS MORE 35 scary tales from the vaults of horror*


CD (pre-order)

Expected Release: 9th Oct 2020


Part 2 of 'The Shadow Knows' proves once again that a Halloween compilation doesn't have to be crude, silly or boring.

We look back on the long tradition of the annual autumnal demon expulsion and also on the long musical tradition that unites both. Through long research we have once again (re)discovered a whole series of rare recordings from music history, which will inspire you to groove, fear, dance and smile, and which will also appeal to the die-hard music fan and collector's heart. And certainly not only for Halloween. It should also be noted that the roots of Psychobilly, developed in the 1980s, are to be found here. It's best to listen in the dark with a touch of candlelight, then you'll get goose bumps. Happy Halloween!

THE SHADOW KNOWS MORE 35 scary tales from the vaults of horror*


  1. Hell’s Bells - David Carroll & His Orchestra
  2. Something’s Goin’ On In My Room - Daddy Cleanhead & The Chuck Higgins Band
  3. Frog Man Hop - Kenn Owens
  4. The Gorilla - Bert Convy
  5. Roland - Billy Duke & His Dukes
  6. Don’t Meet Mr. Frankenstein - Carlos Casal Jr.
  7. Frankie And Igor At A Rock ’n’ Roll Party - Bob McFadden & Dor with The 7 Spirits
  8. The Voodoo Walk - Sonny Richard's 'Panics' w. Cindy & Misty
  9. The Creep - Ted Heath & His Music
  10. Vampire Circus Movie Trailer
  11. The Skeleton In The Closet - Putney Dandridge & His Orchestra
  12. The Raven - Jackie Brooks
  13. The Raven - Freddy Countryman
  14. Devil’s Den - Duane Turley with The Tads
  15. Beware! - Bill Buchanan
  16. Mystery Street - Alma Cogan
  17. The Naughty Ghost - Jan August
  18. When All The Streets Are Dark - Somethin’ Smith & The Redheads
  19. Ghost Riders In The Sky - Dean Martin
  20. The Ghost Song - Salty Holmes
  21. Train To Satanville - Gin Gillette
  22. Theme From ‘The Devil’s Hand’ - Baker Knight
  23. Ghost Guitars - Baron Daemon & The Vampires
  24. Twistin’ Off A Cliff - Duane Eddy
  25. Dear Jeepers - Bob Guy
  26. Letter From Jeepers - Bob Guy
  27. The Lover’s Curse - Bracey Everett
  28. Jekyll And Hide - Jim Burgett
  29. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde - The Crossfires
  30. El Vampiro - Los Gibson Boys
  31. Spooks! - Louis Armstrong & Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra
  32. Experiment In Terror - The Champs
  33. Tickler - The Sherwoods
  34. The Shadows Knows - Paul Peek
  35. The Shadow Knows - Radio Intro To ‘Detective Story Hour’