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Expected Release: 4th Dec 2020


Founded in 1945, Chicago's Mercury Records rapidly accrued major label status and grew into a full-service label, its massive roster encompassing everything from blues and R&B to country and jazz and a wealth of pop (the logo was a leader in covering R&B hits for the pop market).

Mercury also signed a small army of quality rockabilly and rock and roll artists during the mid-to-late 1950s, and they're the focus of this bountiful collection. Blistering classics by a pre-fame Conway Twitty, Memphis mainstay Eddie Bond, and the still-active Narvel Felts are on board, along with rare gems by Curtis Gordon (his torrid Draggin' appears without the usual startling reverb effects), VARIOUS ARTISTS That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 35 Mercury & Limelight labels RELEASE DATE: December 04, 2020 LABEL: Bear Family Records CATALOG #: BCD17604 FORMAT: 1-CD Digipak PRICE: £ 9.99 GENRE: Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll BARCODE: 5397102176043 Orville Couch, Royce Porter, James O'Gwynn, Charlie Walker, leather-lunged George Young, and swamp pop greats Rod Bernard, Jerry Raines, and Roy Perkins (Mercury had excellent contacts in southern Louisiana). Eddy Bell & The Bel-Aires' rollicking The Masked Man (Hi Yo Silver) hailed from the label's Windy City backyard, but the label spared no expense in bringing in sizzling rockers from all over the country—as this compilation excitingly attests!



  1. Shake It Up - Conway Twitty
  2. Can't Stop Me - George Young & The Youngsters
  3. Baby, Baby, Baby (What Am I Gonna Do) - Eddie Bond & The Stompers
  4. I'm Gonna Keep It - Johnny Jay
  5. My Search - Ben Hewitt
  6. Easy Money - James O'Gwynn
  7. Rock, Roll, Jump And Jive - Curtis Gordon
  8. Rockin' Robert - The LaDell Sisters
  9. Crazy Blues - Jape Richardson & The Japetts
  10. Good Time - Royce Porter with The Kounts
  11. Ping Pong Baby - The Voxpoppers
  12. Maybe Later, Baby - Gary Shelton
  13. I Need Your Lovin' - Conway Twitty
  14. Don't Do Me Wrong - The Playboys
  15. Drop Top - Roy Perkins
  16. Blue Moon Baby - Dave 'Diddle' Day
  17. I've Got A Woman - Eddie Bond & The Stompers
  18. Sittin' On Top - Curtis Gordon
  19. Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby - Tommy Mitchell
  20. My Honey - Jimmy Edwards
  21. I'll Never Let It Show - Charlie Walker & The Four Pals
  22. Cry, Baby, Cry - Narvel Felts
  23. I Want You Baby - Jackie Cray
  24. Shake This Town - The Counts
  25. Draggin' (without echo - U.S. version) - Curtis Gordon
  26. Dangerous Redhead - Jerry Raines
  27. Let's Get Together Tonight - Rod Bernard
  28. Slave Girl - Ray Ethier
  29. Downtown - Orville Couch
  30. Maybe Baby - Conway Twitty
  31. Five Feet Of Lovin' - Freddy Robinson
  32. The Masked Man (Hi Yo Silver) - Eddie Bell & The Bel-Aires
  33. My Foolish Fling - The Half Brothers
  34. Cruised - Frank Dalton & The Dalton Gang
  35. The Last Drag - The Voxpoppers