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LP (pre-order)

Expected Release: 11th Dec 2020


SAMEHADA SHIRIKO & DYNAMITE are from Fukuoka, Japan and have played together since 2013 now, ever since released three albums and played countless explosive live‐shows.

The group around dynamic and beautiful singer and guitarist Shiriko, mad lead guitarist Abbey, stylish bassist Wetton and classy drummer Massiveeffect have an intense stage presence combining retro‐ and modern style in a fun and crazy way. Their third album “Newretrock” is just that ‐ powerful retro‐rock which is refreshingly new at the same time. The LP was previously released as CD (Sazanami Records) and contains 12 songs, including a coverversion of a band‐favourite, “Dangerous Saturday” (originally by Japanese girl‐group The Candies from the 70s) among 11 originals. It is covered in a pretty artwork, somewhat influenced by classy 60s and psychedelia. Be enchanted by the “Enchanting Newretro World”, rock and boogie along to “Old House Boogie”, shout along with “That Girl's Shout” and finally get overwhelmed by “Samehada Typhoon”. Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite have a highly unique, very Japanese, slightly crazy sound one can hardly compare with others, yet it is somewhere in between nostalgic Japanese Group‐sounds, 80's‐“Mentai‐Rock” and Girl‐ Garage‐Punk with a few 70's‐ and hardrock‐influences here and there – certainly one of a kind!



  1. introduction
  2. Enchanting Newretro World
  3. Dangerous Saturday
  4. Old House Boogie
  5. Kick The Girls Rock!!
  6. Busy Busy
  7. Shiriko's Zubizuba Rock
  8. A Dream I Had In The Summer 9. Fire Rock'n'Roll Tour
  9. That Girl's Shout
  10. Goodbye Heisei Era
  11. samehada Typhoon