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Released: 19th Aug 2022


Ever since this project’s inception in 2011, INCANDESCENCE has been a vessel for Boucher, known mostly as a formidable top-tier drummer within the death metal scene due to his involvement in Beyond Creation and Chthe’ilist, to explore and expand his musical horizons in the realm of black metal (which he has also done with his other black metal project Décombres) where with INCANDESCENCE he handles all the instruments and songwriting with his counterpart Gauvreau handling all the vocals, lyrics and concepts.

“Le Coeur de L’Homme” follows 2019’s “Ascension”, and a string of previous notable releases, and reveals itself as a glorious towering black metal release that will stand as a watershed moment for the Quebec black metal scene and finally make aware of INCANDESCENCE as one of Canada’s more significant present day black metal outfits. “Le Coeur…” is an expression highlighting the creativity that continues to dwell within the heart of Quebec black metal, a towering and grandiose work of furious epochal ascending black metal where virulent and hostile gesticulations stabilize themselves with that of the classic black metal traits of the melancholic, despondent, and sorrowful.


  1. Avilissement
  2. Tréfonds Macabres
  3. La Descente
  4. Avide De Cris
  5. Écroulement Vers