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pye corner audio

the black mill tapes volumes 1 & 2



Released: 28th May 2012


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associate of the ghost box collective conjures fuzzy radiophonic funk, far more than an exercise in retro fetishism.

originally self-released, these woozy excursions have been collected up for a remarkable vinyl issue on the influential type label. at times the dusty soundscapes bring to mind the flickering of a mid-60s doctor who, but at others you’re catapulted into a dodge-driving neon-flecked us road movie circa 1979. it’s an enviable concoction, with the muted 4/4 pulse of theo parrish sitting happily alongside the wired electro of other people place & the cracked homespun ambience of early boards of canada. fans of symmetry’s alternate drive soundtrack, come hither.

the black mill tapes volumes 1 & 2


  1. Transmission One: Lonesome Vale
  2. We Have Visitors
  3. Folk Festival
  4. Electronic Rhythm Number Three
  5. A Dark Door
  6. Theme Number Four
  7. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
  8. Building Twelve, Room One
  9. Theme Number Nine
  10. Transmission Three: Briar Lane
  11. Gathering
  12. Mirror Sequence
  13. Electronic Rhythm Number Seven
  14. Transmission Four: Crooked Hill
  15. Electronic Rhythm Number Four
  16. Through The Kings Wood
  17. Recrypt
  18. Theme Number Six
  19. Toward Light
  20. Sine Times Nine
  21. Ecneuqes Rorrim