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Released: 25th Mar 2016


purple 12" + download

Released: 25th Mar 2016


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one of the highlights of the phenomenal ‘music complete’, ‘singularity’ gets mashed up, expanded and contracted by some of the brightest club talents working today.

though all mixes are great, the highlight has to be erol alkan’s edit – the man behind beyond the wizard’s sleeve and so many amazing remixes from everyone between babe terror and chilly Gonzalez, he’s at the top of his game here moulding the pliable track to his every whim.  



Cd Tracklist

  1. Singularity - Single Edit
  2. Singularity - Extended Mix
  3. Singularity - Erol Alkan's Stripped Mix
  4. Singularity - Mark Reeder's Duality Remix
  5. Singularity - JS Zeiter Remix
  6. Tutti Frutti - Tom Rowlands Remix

12" Tracklist

  1. Singularity - Extended Mix
  2. Singularity - Mark Reeder Duality Remix
  3. Singularity - Erol Alkan's Extended Mix
  4. Singularity - JS Zeiter Dub

Download Tracklist

  1. Singularity (Single Edit)
  2. Singularity (Extended Mix)
  3. Singularity (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework)
  4. Singularity (Erol Alkan’s Stripped Mix)
  5. Singularity (Mark Reeder’s Duality Remix)
  6. Singularity (Mark Reeder’s Individual Remix)
  7. Singularity (JS Zeiter Remix)
  8. Singularity (JS Zeiter Dub)
  9. Singularity (Liars Remix)
  10. Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowland’s Remix)