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charlie parr





parr’s seventh album of raw, soul-piercing piedmont-style blues is a true joy to behold.

only three of these twelve finger picked guitar & banjo tracks are traditionals arranged by parr, but you’d never know it. the feeling, experience & sheer talent ranks parr’s compositions right up there with the classics. charlie’s music has an appeal that spans genres. his songs are records of the journeys, troubles & experiences of real people, one example being ‘god moves on the water’, a real standout, an arrangement of the classic blues track by blind willie johnson describing the horrors experienced by those souls aboard the titantic as it sunk.



  1. Don’t Send Your Child To War
  2. Far Cry From Fargo
  3. Walk Around My Bedside
  4. Warmin’ By The Devil’s Fire
  5. Midnight Has Come And Gone
  6. Come Along And See
  7. Adrift In Lake Superior At Sunrise
  8. Cropduster
  9. Last Payday At Coal Creek
  10. The B&J Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hole In The Ground
  11. Farmer
  12. God Moves On The Water