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Liam Gallagher

Tube Map

A4 PRINT - £12.00 | Buy
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Innovative Representation of Music History: Band Maps by Mike Bell Mike Bell's band maps transform the rich tapestry of music history into a visual narrativ...
Liam Gallagher


limited 140g crystal clear lp - £25.99 | Buy
liam gallagher's 3rd solo lp, packed to the rafters with anthemic indie rock ballads.
Liam Gallagher

Now That I've Found You

Limited etched 7" - £11.99 | Buy
Having made one of the comebacks of the year with 2017’s ‘As You Were’, Liam vowed to get down to business and do it all over again – bu...
Liam Gallagher

One Of Us

Limited etched 7" - £11.99 | Buy
One half of the Gallagher dynasty gets a little misty-eyed and nostalgic with a 7” musical trailer for his upcoming album.
Liam Gallagher

Wall of Glass

limited 7" - £13.99 | Buy
After Beady Eye officially split in 2014, Liam found himself “out of the bubble” of being in an organised rock group with all the appropriate manage...

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Knebworth 1996

Heavyweight 3lp - £41.99 | Buy
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3x dvd - £15.99 | Buy

BLU-RAY - £18.99 | Buy
A legendary moment in Gallagher brother lore – these two Knebworth shows catapulted the band from Britpop royalty into the lairy global megastars that we ...
Arctic Monkeys


standard 180g lp - £25.99 | Buy
From the lilting space age come-on of 'Do I Wanna Know?' to the heady swoon of 'Mad Sounds' to 'Snap Out Of It'’s blatantly irresi...
The Beatles

Rubber Soul (reissue)

heavyweight lp - £26.99 | Buy
Knebworth 22


  1. ‘Hello’
  2. ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’
  3. ‘Wall Of Glass’
  4. ‘Shockwave’
  5. ‘Everything’s Electric’
  6. ‘Roll It Over’
  7. ‘Slide Away’
  8. ‘More Power’
  9. ‘C’mon You Know’
  10. ‘The River’
  11. ‘Once’
  12. ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’
  13. ‘Some Might Say’
  14. ‘Supersonic’
  15. ‘Wonderwall’
  16. ‘Champagne Supernova’

Liam Gallagher

Knebworth 22

warner records
  • limited "sun yellow" 2lp + a2 poster + replica yellow ticket

    Released: 11th Aug 2023

  • cd + poster

    Released: 11th Aug 2023


You just can't keep the Gallaghers away from Knebworth! And why would you want to, if the result is as scintillating as this live set from the Oasis hellraiser.

this album documents liam's triumphant two-night Knebworth Park shows, performed in 2022. Returning to the scene of the era-defining Oasis gigs of the ‘90s, the huge audience stretched from fans who had been present some 26 years earlier right through to teenagers relishing the excitement of their first big gig. ‘Knebworth 22’ is a must-have live album for any fan who wants to relive the experience.