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Modern Nature

Island Of Noise

An album formed from the edgelands of this hobbled island – two discs seeking to unite an incongruent land through free-flowing, expansive sounds, hatched...
Modern Nature


very limited (300 only) 7" - £10.99 £2.98
‘Rydalwater’, a 10-minute improvised guitar composition by Jack Cooper (Modern Nature), will be released over two sides of a 7″ single, out 10...

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the necks


2lp in gatefold - £36.99
the mesmerising jazz trio have crafted a beguiling set of long-form cascades of prowling bass strings, primordial percussion & piano twinkles to jettison us...

Music Is Victory Over Time

limited indies only "kool-aid sunflare" (blue & red) lp - £22.99 | Buy
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cd - £14.99 | Pre Order
In the decade or so that hard-working New York quartet Sunwatchers have operated, the group has steadily & subtly refined their sound - a brain-blasting mix...
Jim Wallis (modern nature)

In Huge Gesturing Loops

very limited 180g "fire engine red" lp (300 only) - £19.99 | Pre Order
'In Huge Gesturing Loops' is an ambient solo album by multi-instrumentalist and Modern Nature member, Jim Wallis.
No Fixed Point In Space
  1. Tonic
  2. Murmuration
  3. Orange
  4. Cascade
  5. Sun
  6. Tapestry
  7. Ensō

Modern Nature

No Fixed Point In Space

bella union
  • limited 140g black lp + stamped postcard

    Released: 29th Sep 2023


A semi-improvised recording that finds Modern Nature in pensive yet impactful form, crafting heart-warming odes to nature in all her majestic forms.

the third full-length album by Jack Cooper’s Modern Nature takes the palette of sound and themes that were honed on 2021’s 'Island Of Noise' and launches them into an expansive world of openness and vivid technicolour. Certain moorings - woodwind, percussion, strings and Cooper’s lambent voice - are still present and recognisable from the album's predecessor, 'Island Of Noise' but 'No Fixed Point In Space' marks a shift to utilising musical notation as a point of departure, from which the group explore the space around suggested notes and rhythms to create a semi-improvised, semi-composed ensemble performance. These explorations of partly organised chance were recorded live and directly to tape. This approach gives the music a remarkably fresh feel; songs pulse and evolve. The changes between movements, verse and choruses are almost all ambiguous. During the album’s opener Tonic, a verse of hushed brevity washes away into a passage of overwhelmingly vibrant orchestration.