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Vanishing Twin

Ookii Gekkou (2022 repress)

LP - £21.99 | Buy
the mystery deepens on ‘ookii gekkou’ as t’twin’s mesmerising francophonic jazz-pop frolics drift in and out of smoke-drenched pools of ...
Vanishing Twin

Ookii Gekkou

Black LP in Gatefold Sleeve + Download - £21.99
The mystery deepens on ‘Ookii Gekkou’ as t’Twin’s mesmerising Francophonic jazz-pop frolics drift in and out of smoke-drenched pools of ...
Vanishing Twin

The Age of Immunology

limited indies only cream & black swirl picture disc lp + download - £22.99
lp + download - £17.99
The psych quintet mask their heavenly notes of yearning behind a cosy shroud of lysergic-dipped gossamer pop.
Vanishing Twin

Choose Your Own Adventure

CD - £11.99 | Buy
the London ensemble's debut is an exploratory record that marries oblique English pop with a palette of arkestral sounds.
Afternoon x


  1. Melty
  2. Afternoon X
  3. Brain Weather
  4. Lotus Eater
  5. Marbles
  6. The Down Below
  7. Lazy Garden
  8. Subito

Vanishing Twin

Afternoon x

fire records
  • cd

    Released: 6th Oct 2023

  • black lp

    Released: 6th Oct 2023

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Crafted with a playful balance of humour and rigour, with each member embracing the role of the multi-instrumentalist and process, over outcome, Vanishing Twin furthers their exploration of decidedly experimental territories with 'Afternoon X'.

These eight fluttering abstractions, culled, collaged, and built upon from a vast constellation of instruments, samples, and unclaimed sources. Lucas employs her voice as an instrument and a generator of raw sound, weaving surreal imagery and uncanny juxtapositions amongst the dance and propellant drive.

From infectious grooves of the album’s title track and the constrained minimalism of “Subito”, to the ambitious heights of pieces like ‘The Down Below’ and Lazy Garden, which unfurl a psychedelic avant-gardism on the scope and scale of David Axelrod and Scott Walker. Vanishing Twin embark upon a new multifaceted journey that collectively culminates as the bands most forward-thinking and groundbreaking release to date.