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  1. Tape Rewind
  2. Defending Ruins
  3. Don’t You Ever
  4. Isolator
  5. Baby
  6. Is This A Hotel?
  7. Up Spacecraft
  8. Lessen
  9. Influencer
  10. Tell Me Why
  11. All I’ll Ever Be

Film School


  • limited forest green lp

    Released: 25th Aug 2023

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Patient, sprawling instrumentation builds a foundation in which Bertens' themes of endurance, perseverance and clarity can bloom with a considered poise.

As a lyricist who writes in response to the instrumental arrangements, rather than a focus on a specific theme or person, Field is a testament to Film School's ability to create in the moment, and to showcase the magic that stems from when we are truly present. Album opener "Tape Rewind" is a swirling rush of color, as sustained guitars, darkened bass lines and urgent, percussive swells dance alongside each other. "This is the newest of all the songs on the record and feels like a new level of heaviness for the band," Bertens explains, noting that its lyrical context of struggling to move past trauma adds to its cathartic essence. Field is bookended by heavier themes, with closer "All I'll Ever Be" taking on the perspective of those we hurt when we embrace our own toxic behaviors.