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The Chemical Brothers

No Reason

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The Chemical Brothers - one of the most successful bands in the history of electronic music - return with a new single.

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For That Beautiful Feeling


  1. Intro
  2. Live Again (feat. Halo Maud)
  3. No Reason
  4. Goodbye
  5. Fountains
  6. Magic Wand
  7. The Weight
  8. Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)
  9. The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest Mix)
  10. Feels Like I’m Dreaming
  11. For That Beautiful Feeling (feat. Halo Maud)

The Chemical Brothers

For That Beautiful Feeling

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    Released: 8th Sep 2023

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    Released: 8th Sep 2023

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    Released: 8th Sep 2023

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The artists formerly known as The Dust Brothers, return with a timely tub thumper that's generously garnished with just as many crystalline vocal snips as it is bass heavy bloops and bleeps.

A sure-fire, permanent turntable fixture. The Chemical Brothers - one of the most acclaimed and innovative electronic duo in the world - have announced details of their tenth studio album 'For That Beautiful Feeling'. Recorded in the band’s own studio just near the south coast, this is a record that hunts for and captures that that wild moment when sound overwhelms you and almost pulls you under yet ultimately lets you ride its wave, to destinations unknown. It’s a record that pinpoints the exact moment you lose all control, where you surrender and let the music move you as if pulled by an invisible thread.