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heavyweight black 2lp w/ bonus tracks - £27.99 | Buy
This 2LP Half-Speed Master, Black Vinyl contains the original 1982 album production master, with a second LP containing A-sides, B-sides & live tracks.

Rage In Eden: 40th Anniversary Half-Speed Master

this 40th anniversary edition has been beauitfully remastered at half speed & reinforced with bonus rarities.

Rage In Eden (40th Anniversary)

Limited Edition 6CD Boxset housed in a rigid 12"x12" Rigid Slipcase - 1 per customer - £58.99 | Pre Order
Originally released in October 1981 and like the bands previous two albums, it was produced by Conny Plank (Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!), this time recorded at Conny&#...

vienna (40th anniversary edition)

deluxe half-speed master 180g 2lp - £24.99
Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’ album was originally released in July 1980, their first with Midge Ure on vocals/guitar.
The Gift (Deluxe Edition)

This newly Remastered 2LP Expanded Edition includes a bonus disc featuring 12" Extended Remixes of the singles from the album

  1. If I Was
  2. When The Wind Blows
  3. Living In The Past
  4. That Certain Smile
  5. The Gift
  6. Antilles
  7. Wastelands
  8. Edo
  9. The Chieftan
  10. She Cried
  11. The Gift (Reprise)
  12. After A Fashion [Extended Version]
  13. If I Was (Extended Version)
  14. That Certain Smile (Extended Mix)
  15. Wastelands (Extended Mix)
  16. Call of The Wild (Extended Mix)

The 4CD box set includes a remastered version of the album, along with non-album singles, b-sides, remixes, home recordings and a newly mixed concert from Wembley Arena from 1985

  1. If I Was
  2. When The Wind Blows
  3. Living In The Past
  4. That Certain Smile
  5. The Gift
  6. Antilles
  7. Wastelands
  8. Edo
  9. The Chieftan
  10. She Cried
  11. The Gift (Reprise)
  12. No Regrets
  13. Mood Music
  14. The Man Who Sold The World
  15. After A Fashion
  16. Textures
  17. If I Was (7" Version)
  18. Piano
  19. That Certain Smile (7" Version)
  20. The Gift (Instrumental)
  21. Wastelands [7" Version]
  22. Call of The Wild
  23. After A Fashion [Extended Version]
  24. If I Was (Extended Version)
  25. That Certain Smile (Extended Mix)
  26. Wastelands (Extended Mix)
  27. Call of The Wild (Extended Mix)
  28. Wastelands [Early Version] 1
  29. That Certain Smile (Instrumental) [Early Version]
  30. The Gift [Early Version]
  31. If I Was [Early Version]
  32. Wastelands [Early Version] 2
  33. When the Wind Blow [Early Version]
  34. The Chieftan [Early Version]
  35. She Cried (Instrumental) [Early Version]
  36. Edo [Early Version]
  37. Living In The Past [Early Version]
  38. Remember The Day [BBC Saturday Live 16/7/83]
  39. After A Fashion [BBC Saturday Live 16/7/83]
  40. Textural Piece [BBC Saturday Live 16/7/83]
  41. Fade to Grey [Tour Rehearsal 1985]
  42. After A Fashion [Tour Rehearsal 1985]
  43. No Regrets [Tour Rehearsal 1985]
  44. Wastelands [Tour Rehearsal 1985]
  45. Antilles [Live]
  46. When The Wind Blows [Live]
  47. Living In The Past [Live]
  48. That Certain Smile [Live]
  49. Wastelands [Live]
  50. No Regrets [Live]
  51. The Gift [Live]
  52. After A Fashion [Live]
  53. The Chieftan
  54. The Dancer [Live]
  55. Fade To Grey [Live]
  56. She Cried
  57. Band Introductions [Live]
  58. Sleepwalk [Live]
  59. Do They Know It's Christmas [Live]
  60. If I Was [Live]


The Gift (Deluxe Edition)

  • remastered red lp + bonus red lp w/ extended remixes + obi strip

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023


During a break with Ultravox and his involvement with Band Aid/ Live Aid, Midge Ure set up a home studio to record ideas, which eventually turned into his debut album.

Featuring the UK No.1 single 'If I Was', The Gift collects together a series of vocal and instrumental tracks to weave together a classic 80's album.