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180g lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
A dizzying rollercoaster of flashing synths, pumping motorik beats and thundering psych-rock, this latest version of pond offers so much to splash around in.
Nick Drake

bryter layter

cd - £6.99 | Buy
LP - £25.99 | Buy
reissue of drake's 1970 2nd album, a clear development from his debut, arrangements came from members of fairport convention & john cale.


2lp - £22.99 | Buy
these aussies bloom into full-blown prog-pop territories on this, their most user-friendly, festival-field-uniting luxury prog-pop opus.
Pale Blue Eyes

This House

*signed* limited clear lp - £19.99 | Buy
limited indies only green lp + postcard - £21.99 | Buy

cd - £11.99 | Buy
An album about weathering the storm, about growing beyond grief, and doing it all with an ear for a damn well catchy tune.

the weather

lp + download - £18.99
indies only white with blue specks lp + download - £22.99
These aussie pysch heads have us reaching for the ‘resident faves’ buzzer, as they expand into super-chill 70’s-space-spiked beachy zones alon...

innerspeaker (10th anniversary edition)

super limited deluxe 4lp boxset + booklet - £53.99
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release, Tame Impala present a deluxe, 4LP reissue of their debut album InnerSpeaker.
  1. Music Is Bigger Than Hair
  2. Real Life
  3. Saturnism
  4. Would It Pain You to See?
  5. Fear of Joy
  6. Race to the Air
  7. Muscle Memory
  8. Argentina
  9. In a Glasshouse (With No Light)
  10. It Lies a Lifetime



Spinning top
  • limited 180g clear lp + download

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023


The Pond man, as you might expect, brings a glorious psych-y tinge to the engrossing folk-pop proceedings of his ever-rewarding solo project.

Over five albums fronting GUM, not to mention the nine he’s made as co-leader of psych cosmonauts Pond, Watson’s restless imagination has treated us to some of the most sonically diverse explorations of the past decade. On Saturnia, however, these visions have coalesced into the richest, but also the most coherent work of Watson’s career to date. Opener “Race to the Air” provides the perfect curtainraiser. Soaring into view like a gigantic interplanetary craft, it takes in a sparkling vista of cosmic disco all robo grooves and quivering strings, while “Would It Pain You to See?”, perhaps one of the most surprising songs on the album, is a glistening slink of sensual R&B.