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11:11 (reissue)

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the debut album, released on cd in 2001 for sale at early shows &, since then, long out of print - this is its first ever appearance on vinyl.

Home, before and after

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Regina Spektor today unveils her new single ‘Up The Mountain’.
SOVIET KITSCH (2023 Reissue)


  1. Ode to Divorce
  2. Poor Little Rich Boy
  3. Carbon Monoxide
  4. The Flowers
  5. Us
  6. Sailor Song
  7. * * *
  8. Your Honor
  9. Ghost of Corporate Future
  10. Chemo Limo
  11. Somedays


SOVIET KITSCH (2023 Reissue)

warner records
  • RSD Stores Exclusive Translucent Yellow LP

    Released: 3rd Nov 2023


Soviet Kitsch is Regina Spektor’s third studio album, and her first for a major label.

Although independently released in mid-2003, Sire Records re-released the album in 2004 after Regina signed to the label. Much loved by her fans and critically acclaimed, Soviet Kitsch became Regina’s breakthrough album, and featuring the tracks “Us”, “Carbon Monoxide”, “The Flowers” and “Poor Little Rich Boy” . In 2009 NME included this album in their list of best albums of the decade. This limited edition is pressed on translucent yellow vinyl.