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Mid Air

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Who’d have thought when listening to The xx’s debut that the three key members would go on to write fantastic, colourful pop masterpieces?.
'Mid Air' short acoustic set + signing
  1. loveher
  2. weightless
  3. the sea
  4. one last try
  5. dmc
  6. strong ft. fred again..
  7. twice
  8. did i
  9. mid air ft. beverly glenn-copeland
  10. enjoy your life
  11. she’s on my mind


'Mid Air' short acoustic set + signing

at resident music, brighton - Tuesday 12th september 2023 (all ages - under 14s can come for free)
  • instore access (1 entry) limited neon pink lp

    Released: 8th Sep 2023

  • instore access (1 entry) lp

    Released: 8th Sep 2023

  • instore access (1 entry) cd

    Released: 8th Sep 2023

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Romy returns to resident! it is no secret that we love the xx and their solo projects so we are beyond excited to welcome romy to celebrate her latest upbeat dance spectacular! 

• running timings : 6:30pm start.

• no actual tickets are issued for the show – you will get an order confirmation & your name will be added to the guestlist - you’ll just need to give your name on the door.

• the release date for physical copies of this album is 8th september 2023. you will be able to collect the album at the show.

• please wait for an order notification to show your album is ready to collect before coming in to collect your copy.

• this page is for entry to the romy show - to purchase signed copies of 'mid air' without entry to the show, please head here.