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Order of Romance

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A fruitful marriage of songcraft & arrangement, brimming with a cinematic charm & lyrical wit – Jesca’s 6th album is elegant, adventurous &a...


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dinked edition 15 - white & black marbled 180g lp + signed & numbered 12x12 lyrical art print + mirror board sleeve + exclusive flexidisc feat. Non-album song 'walking andreas' (600 only) + download - £23.99
Jesca has been a resident favourite for years but ‘Stonechild’ takes her to the next level - & there aren't many people on that level.

memories are now

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this album showcases every edge and curve of her captivating voice, and covers sounds and themes ranging from the mythic to the deeply intimate - it's wonde...
Kismet / The Complete Kismet Acoustic (first time on  vinyl!)
  1. Summertime
  2. Seed of Wonder
  3. Enemy
  4. Silverscreen
  5. Money
  6. Dreams in the Hollow
  7. Love is All We Have
  8. Intelligentactile
  9. Havoc in Heaven
  10. Out the Back Door
  11. Love and Love Again
  12. Silverscreen (Acoustic)
  13. Summertime (Acoustic)
  14. Out the Back Door (Acoustic)
  15. Seed of Wonder (Acoustic)
  16. Enemy (Acoustic)
  17. Love Is All We Have (Acoustic)
  18. Intelligentactile 0 (Acoustic)
  19. Havoc in Heaven (Acoustic)
  20. Reves Dans Le Creux
  21. Money (Acoustic)
  22. Love and Love Again (Acoustic)
  23. Paradise (Acoustic)


Kismet / The Complete Kismet Acoustic (first time on vinyl!)

  • limited black 2lp

    Released: 29th Sep 2023


This double gem is the first ever vinyl pressing of both titles and is not only a must have for the collectors of Hoop's work but an essential for those new to the realm.

While 'Kismet' brims with studio wonders and the absolute joy of diving into the medium with musical giants that include Stewart Copeland, Matt Chamberlin, Blake Mills, Shawn Everett and Tony Berg, 'The Complete Kismet Acoustic' brings us to the heart of Hoop's character with just two acoustic guitars and three voices. Listening back-to-back is a striking experience.