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Craven Faults

Erratics & Unconformities

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The passage of time in 2020 is plastic, stretchy and prone to the odd explosion.

The Nation's Most Central Location (2023 repress)

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no amount of red tape can stop this development plan lamenting 40 years of leveling up failures.
Songs of Silence
  1. Cathedral
  2. White Rabbit
  3. Passage
  4. Imminent
  5. Red Planet
  6. The Lamentations of Jeremiah
  7. Mitosis
  8. Blackleg
  9. Scarper
  10. Last Transmission

Vince Clarke

Songs of Silence

  • cd

    Released: 17th Nov 2023


Hello darkness, our old friend - the man from Erasure has embraced his gloomier side for this electronic odyssey through spaghettified eurorack modules and haunting personal expression.

One to descend down into. As the album title suggests, 'Songs of Silence' is a lyricless instrumental album, and is hugely evocative for that. Unlike anything you’ve previously heard from Vince Clarke, as an artisan of dynamic electropop, (Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yazoo), 'Songs of Silence' has about it a more sober ambient electronic beauty, its unique characteristics put it in a category of its own. For the creation of the record Vince set himself two rules – first that the sounds he himself generated for the album would come solely from Eurorack (a modular synthesizer format introduced in the mid-90s) and secondly that each track would be based around one note, maintaining a single key throughout. The resultant pieces, with the Eurorack sound clay then manipulated on Logic Pro, amount to wordless narratives, in which a sense of synth-generated, cosmic remoteness is often jolted by stark interventions, reminders of the human hand at work amid this machinery. This album sees Vince Clarke not content to rest on his considerable pop legacy, and instead open up for himself, and for the rest of us, exciting new electronic vistas in which the permutations and possibilities are limitless.