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Weyes Blood

And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

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We’re not worthy! Natalie Mering’s 5th album sets her exquisite, ear- massaging vocals against a lavish boudoir of rich, instrumental timbres.
bonnie "prince" billy

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You

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A gentle, emotionally resonant turn from the artist formerly known as Will - Oldham's approach on this is one of collective contribution, crafting community...
Haunted Mountain
  1. 2,000 Miles
  2. Feet on the Ground
  3. Highway 72
  4. Won't Find Me
  5. One of You
  6. Haunted Mountain
  7. Me And My Dream
  8. Orange Blossoms
  9. What It's Worth


Haunted Mountain

Cinquefoil Records
  • LP

    Released: 6th Oct 2023

  • CD

    Released: 6th Oct 2023


There's an earthly tone to both the strum of Holland's guitar and to the timbre of her voice - it's something magical, wistful, and reassuring which likely explains why we keep finding ourselves reaching to put it on!.

At once ancient and of the moment, it hums with literary and political interconnections. The songs illuminate states of dispossession and alienation, lust and pollination: a state of reciprocity with our living planet. The record is a creation beyond genre, a refined jewel refracting anti- patriarchal dance music, sultry anti- fascist love songs to bats and bees. The album's rendered environments - ranging from sparse acoustic constellations to dense electronic atmospheres - are punctuated with nuanced percussion from cicadas, drums and even knuckles on piano. These sound-worlds were produced and animated by a trio of multi- instrumentalists: Jolie Holland, Adam Brisbin and Justin Veloso. Helping to conjure 'Haunted Mountain', the great magician Buck Meek of Big Thief authors the third verse of the title track, and duets with Holland on "Highway 72". In an audacious conspiracy, both Meek and Holland include versions of their song "Haunted Mountain," and both name their records after the song. After all, it is fun to say.