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The band first entered a recording studio to record their debut single 'Living with Ghosts' in 2008, since then school friends Jessica Davies and Kather...

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Kate Bush

The Dreaming (2023 repress)

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'The Dreaming' is Kate's fourth studio album and was released in 1982.
Carried In Sound


  1. Vague Ideas
  2. Vanishing Line
  3. Carried In Sound
  4. There Was A Hope
  5. Seek It With Me
  6. Sticks and Stones
  7. Part Of It All
  8. 2022
  9. Perseus
  10. Come To My Mind
  11. Seek It With Me (instrumental)


Carried In Sound

Year Seven Records
  • limited transparent orange lp

    Released: 17th Nov 2023

  • cd

    Released: 17th Nov 2023


A rousing return from the mist-ical duo that finds their hazy gloom-folk painted in beguiling shades - sticking this on is like entering a fog-strewn landscape with Jessica and Katherine's hands appearing out of the murk to guide us along.

Brilliant stuff! Continuing to pursue more of that warm and ethereal aesthetic the pair have cultivated since their earliest beginnings, “Vanishing Line” makes for a wonderfully warm and emotive introduction to their next full-length release. this offering tackles the difficult and intimate feelings loss and grief can have on a person and those around them. A sense of inner strength dominates this record. In keeping with the times that bore it, ‘Carried In Sound’ isn’t afraid to discuss darkness – but everywhere there is a longing for light. “Although the album has themes of sadness on there, it’s looking at those things from a place of strength,” says Jessica.